ISJAC is excited to announce ISJAC Shorts, a regularly occurring series of 5 to 7-minute videos created and submitted by our members – MEANING YOU!!! Videos will be selected by a committee of professional composers and curated by Dr. Matt White (Professor of Music at Coastal Carolina University).

Videos will debut weekly, shared with our 1500+ members from 45 countries as well as the world at large via our website, social media platforms and newsletter. Every month will feature a different theme. It’s an incredible opportunity to share your work, interests, and musical personality with the composing and arranging community, developing new collaborative opportunities. We want to continue to grow and build our supportive organization. Above all, we want to know more about all the amazing things you are doing!

We are currently accepting submissions for our first two series:

  1. “Creativity, Time Management, and Motivation: Working during the pandemic”: The COVID-19 crisis has hit the music community especially hard, but it’s also given many of us time to pause. How are you adjusting to working in this environment? What has worked for you to continue writing and creating? Time management and schedules, self-challenges, diving into something new you may not have had time to do before, discovering new things, taking on new projects…etc. We want to hear from you. Your solutions and strategies could be just the thing someone else needs to hear!
  2. “What I’m Working on Now”: Have a project that you are currently working on and want to share and promote? A new technique or writing approach that you are shedding? What are you excited about? How did the project start? How did it develop? Where is it heading? Tell us about it!


  1. Videos should be roughly 5 minutes long and must not exceed 7 minutes. Videos exceeding 7 minutes will not be reviewed by the committee until they are edited to 7 minutes or under.
  2. Videos must be submitted in landscape mode.
  3. The videos can be as produced, or as simple as you’d like. Ultimately, we want you to take the monthly theme and make it your own creatively and narratively.
  4. Although every month will feature a different theme, we WILL return to some. If we don’t use your video the first time around, it’s possible that we’ll come back around to it, so please keep submitting!

How to submit your videos:

Unpublished video URL links can be submitted via this application form. If your video is selected, we’ll reach out to you with instructions on how to submit the full video file.


Matt White

Scott Routenberg