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Grants for Individual Composers

Although increasingly more scarce, funding for individual jazz composers and their projects can still be found in a variety of places.  If you’re new to seeking funding, the place to start is with your local and/or State Arts Council.  Not every community is served by one or both of these – but most are.  While maintaining a comprehensive list of every such granting agency is beyond the present scope of this website; you’ll find a good starter list of grant opportunities and competitions below.  We welcome recommendations for additions to this list!

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Grants & Competitions

    • Sponsor: Chamber Music America
      Name: New Jazz Works
      Deadline: Feb 4, 2018
      Description: Funds creation and performance of new works for US professional ensembles (of 10 or fewer musicians).  Can include recording opportunities.

    • Name: Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation French/American Jazz Exchange

Emerging Artist Grants and Competitions