2017 International Jazz Composer’s Symposium

May 18-20, 2017

USF College of Visual and Performing Arts



Thursday, May 18th:

11:00am – Registration Begins (CCFoyer)

1:00pm – Ryan Truesdell Gil Evans Orchestration Concepts (IRH)

2:00pm – Bob Thompson Industry Lecture (BRH)

2:00pm – Ellen Rowe Jazz Arranging for Young Jazz Ensembles

3:00pm – Industry Panel: Bob Thompson, Brian Camello, Pete Barenbregge, Gargi Shinde

Connecting the Composer and the Consumer (BRH)

Brian Coyle and Dave Stamps, moderators

4:00pm – Chuck Owen ISJAC Welcome (CRH)

Billy Childs Artist Talk (CRH)

5:30pm – Welcome Reception (CHL)

8:00pm – John Hollenbeck and The Claudia Quintet (CH)

Evening Concert


Friday, May 19th:

9:00am – Rufus Reid Artist Talk (CRH)

10:00am – Brian Camelio Industry Lecture (BRH) 

Funding Your Creative Career

10:00am – Andy Bishop (JRH)

Using Transcription and Analysis as a Catalyst for Composition

11:00am – John Hollenbeck Artist Talk (CRH)


Lunch Break


1:30pm – New Music Workshops


John Hollenbeck (BRH)

Gary Haberman – “Cabar Feidh”

Russ Spiegel – “Slippery Slope”

Dan Cavanagh – “Thaw”

Fred Hess – “Chutes and Ladders”


Billy Childs (CRH)

Sarah Jerrom – “She Moved Through the Fair”

Tom Larson – “Persistence”

Jerald Shynett – “Exemption”

Felix Phang – “49 Days”

Bryan Kennard – “El Malpais”


David Caffey and Christine Jensen (Student Works) (JRH)

Andrew Janak – “Expect the Unexpected”

Michael Conrad – “All the King’s Men”

Rafael De Lima – “Negative Space”

Zach Bornheimer – “Color Shift”

Erica Telesnor – “Ponta de Aiera”


3:00pm – “Panel Discussion with ISJAC Board Members (BRH)

How Can Isjac Best Serve You?

4:00pm – Industry Lecture: Gargi Shinde

Beyond The Gig: Alternative Funding Sources to Sustain Your Music – Chamber Music America’s Commissioning, Presenting, and Residency Programs

4:00pm – Poster Session/Reception (CC)

8:00pm – Billy Childs Quartet Evening Concert


Saturday, May 20th:

9:00am – Research Paper: Diego Celi (CLR I)

Polymodality and its Influence on the Music of George Russell and Dave Brubeck

9:00am – Research paper: Joshua Rager (CLR II)

Multi-Tonics: The Compositions of Woody Shaw

9:00am – Socrate Garcia Music Notation Workshop (JRH)

10:00am – Research Paper: Stephen Harvey (CLR I)

Chris Potter’s Imaginary Cities

10:00am – Research Paper: Michelle Corcella (CLR II)

Duke Ellington’s Scoring for the Saxophone Section

10:00am – Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestration Concepts (JRH)

11:00am – Maria Schneider Artist Talk (CRH)


 Lunch Break


1:30pm – New Music Workshops


John Hollenbeck (BRH)

Matteo Sabattini – “Collector of Clouds”

Matt White – “Adam in the Garden “

Derek Molacek – “The Omnipotent Q”

Adam Bartczak – “The Territory”

Sumi Tanooka – “For Malala”


Maria Schneider (CRH)

Greg Simon – “Marble and Glass”

David Springfield – “All My Life”

Paul White – “Traumerei”

Eric Richards – “Abide”

Ezra Weiss – “We Limit Not/Fanfare”

Alex Cassanyez – “Vaekst”


Rufus Reid/James Miley (Student Works) (JRH)

Phillip Ryan Goss – “Angel of Reality”

Greg Weis – “UMMG”

Chang Su – “Forbidden City Garden”

Spencer Clarke – “There and Back”

Stephanie Urguhart – “Xion’s Theme”


3:00pm – SONIC Awards Concert (CH)

Matt Sazima – “Unwound”

Cassio Vianna – “Baião Moderno”

Scott Routenberg – “Little Rootie Tootie”

Ashley Summers – “True North”

Remy LeBoeuf – “Strata”


4:00pm – Artist Panel Discussion (CC)

John Hollenbeck, Maria Schneider, Rufus Reid, Christine Jensen, Ryan Truesdell

James Miley, moderator

8:00pm – Chuck Owen and The Jazz Surge

Guest soloists: Randy Brecker and Gregoire Maret

ISJAC Hall of Fame Presentation

10:00pm – Symposium After-Party – World of Beer (Fowler Ave.)




John Hollenbeck and The Claudia Quintet

Thursday May 18, 2017. 8pm


John Hollenbeck, drums/composition/leader

Matt Moran, vibraphone

Red Wierenga, accordion

Chris Speed, clarinet/tenor saxophone

Chris Tordini, acoustic bass


Billy Childs Quartet

Friday May 19, 2017. 8pm


Billy Childs, piano

Dayna Stephens, sax

Hans Glawischnig, bass

Ari Hoenig, drums


Chuck Owen and The Jazz Surge

With Randy Brecker and Gregoire Maret

Saturday May 20, 2017. 8pm



Tami Danielsson

Valerie Gillespie

Jack Wilkins

Rex Wertz

David Gambino


Frank Green 

Mike Iapichino

Jay Coble

Clay Jenkins



Keith Oshiro

Tom Brantley

Jerald Shynett

Jim Hall


Rhythm Section:

LaRue Nickelson (guitar)

Per Danielsson (piano)

Mark Neuenschwander (bass)

Danny Gottlieb (drums)

Sara Caswell (violin)