2008 International Jazz Composer’s Symposium

June 12-14, 2008

USF College of Visual and Performing Arts



Thursday, June 12th:

10:00am – Conference Registration/Check-in (THR Lobby)

1:00pm – Welcome – Chuck Owen, Artistic Director (THR)

1:15pm – Keynote Address – Jim McNeely (THR)

3:15pm – New Music Reading Session/Workshop (THR)

(Student works) featuring The Jazz Surge with guest clinicians Stefon Harris, Bill Holman, and Jim McNeely.


Compositions selected in advance via adjudication:

John Diaz – “Miss Wiggles”

Tom Erickson – “If Only For A Moment”

Tyler Gilmore – “Bustle Outside The Window”

Ryan Middagh – “Lighthouse”

Joshua Moshier – “Prelude”


5:30pm – Welcome Reception (Embassy Suites)

8:00pm – Evening Concert (THR)

Bill Holman with The Jazz Surge


Friday, June 13th:

8:30am – Conference Registration/Check-in (THR Lobby)

9:00am – The CJC and the Michael Brecker Project (THR)

A Sneak Preview

Chuck Owen – Director of the USF Center for Jazz Composition

10:15am – An intimate conversation with Bill Holman (THR)




1:00pm – Writing for the Jazz String Quartet (THR)

Turtle Island Quartet

2:45pm – New Music Reading Session (Small Group) (THR)

Featuring USF Faculty Jazz Ensemble (and friends)

Compositions selected in advance via adjudication

Alan Ferber – “Sedona”

Michael LeBrun – “Jambo”

Doug Leibinger – “Ring Shout (Sign of the Judgement)”

Steve Lindemain – “Take a Break!”

Ted Pease – “No Place to Hide”

Jamey Simmons – “Departure from the Garden”


4:30pm – Composer Poster Showcase/Reception (Embassy Suites)

8:00pm – Evening Concert (THR)

Turtle Island Quartet with Stefon Harris


Saturday, June 14th:


Research Presentations

9:00am – Barry Long: “When the Written and Spontaneous Collide”

9:30am – Javier Arau: “Jazz Line and Augmented Scale Theory”


10:15am – Intimate conversation with Stefon Harris (MRH)




1:00pm – BMI Jazz Workshop Panel (THR)

2:15pm – New Music Reading Session (Big Band)

Compositions selected in advance via adjudication

Michele Caniato – “Fidgeting on a Ridge”

Alan Chan – “Shrimp Tale”

Volker Goetze – “Solace”

Peter Jensen – “Native Ground”

John Mills – “Story lines”

Lars Meller – “Folkd Song #1”


4:00pm – Composer panel discussion/wrap-up (THR)

Stefon Harris, Bill Holman, and Jim McNeely

Chuck Owen, moderator

8:00pm – Evening Concert (THR)

Jim McNeely with The Jazz Surge



THR – USF Theater 2

MRH – Music Recital Hall




Bill Holman 

With the Jazz Surge

Thursday June 12, 2008. 8pm

University of South Florida Theater II


Program (To Be Selected From):


Friday, the 13th

Ruby, My Dear

All Composed by Thelonius Monk, Arr. Bill Holman


Any Dude’ll Do

Make My Day

Composed by Bill Holman


The Jazz Surge Personnel:



Tami Danielsson

Valerie Gillespie

Jack Wilkins

Rex Wertz

John Orsini



Chad Shoopman 

Mike Iapichino

Jay Coble

Tom Parmerter



Keith Oshiro

Tom Brantley

Jerald Shynett

Jim Hall


Rhythm Section:

LaRue Nickelson (guitar)

Per Danielsson (piano)

Mark Neuenschwander (bass)

Danny Gottlieb (drums)


Stefon Harris

With Turtle Island Quartet

Friday June 11, 2008. 8pm

University of South Florida Theater II

Program to be announced from stage


Jim McNeely

With the Jazz Surge

Saturday June 14, 2008. 8pm

University of South Florida Theater II


Program (To Be Selected From):


Der Seiltänzer (The Tightrope Walker)

Don’t Even Ask!

Extra Credit

In This Moment


We Will Not Be Silenced

You Tell Me

All songs composed by Jim McNeely


Composer Poster Session Presentations

Friday June 13, 2008. 4:30pm

Embassy Suites


“Orchestration in Maria Schneider’s Choro Dançado”

Erik Applegate. Greeley, CO.

“Natural Selection, Spirit Processional, Straight, No Chaser (Deconstructed)”

Javier Arau. Jackson Heights, NY.

“Three Little E’s”

Tim Aubuchon. Kirksville, MO.

“Parampa Por”

Nicholas Bagwell. Lakeland, FL.

“Irony is Needed”

Jose Bevia. Tallahassee, FL.

“Friends Through the Years”

David Binkley. Charlotte, NC.


Anthony Branker. Princeton, NJ.
“Moving to a New Capital”

Alan Chan. Culver City, CA.

“Bi Bin Bop”

Jeff Fairbanks. New York, NY.

“Back Home”

Socrates Garcia. Murfreesboro, TN.

“Peter’s Lament”

Lino Gomez. Brooklyn, NY.

“The Oil Rig Concept”

Mike Hyziak. Brooklyn, NY.


Dana Landry. Greeley, CO.

“Inspiration for Development in Form”

Allen Myers. Liberty, MO.

“Troubled Splendor”

Dave Stamps. Greeley, CO.

“I Am”

Omar Thomas. Jamaica Plain, MA.


Baron Thomas. Durham, NC.


Research Presentations

Saturday June 14, 2008. 9am



“When the Written and Spontaneous Collide”

Barry Long. Bucknell University, Gettysburg, PA.

“Jazz Line and Augmented Scale Theory”

Javier Arau. Jackson Hts, NY.