2006 International Jazz Composer’s Symposium

March 9-11, 2006

USF College of Visual and Performing Arts



Thursday, March 9th:

5:30pm – Registration/Check-in Begins (THR Lobby)

6:00pm – Welcome Reception (CAM)

8:00pm – John Clayton with USF Jazz Ensemble (TAT)


Friday, March 10th:

8:30am – Registration/Check-in (THR)

9:15am – Symposium Welcome: Chuck Owen, Director of the CJC (FAH 101)

9:30am – Keynote Speech: Bob Brookmeyer, “‘Listening vs. Hearing’ – Constructing Music” 

    (FAH 101)

11:00am – Poster Session I/Coffee (THR)

Presenters: John G. Blair II, Tina Claussen, James Dorsey, Bruce Dudley, Mike 

Edelman, Kurt Ellenberger, Brian David Hall, Aaron Moe, Ted Pease, David Renter, 

Christopher Schmitz, Vern Sielert, and Omar Thomas

12:00pm – Industry Panel: “Contemporary Business and Creative Opportunities for the Jazz 

Composer” A GRAMMY®️ Professional Education panel co-presented by the 

Florida chapter of The Recording Academy and the USF Jazz Composers’

Symposium (FAH 101)


Alan Bergman – Entertainment Attorney, General Counsel for IAJE

Brian Camello – CEO, ArtistShare

John Jones – Sr. VP of Programming, Artist and Label Relations at MusicNet

Nick Phillips – VP of Artist and Catalogue Development/Producer, Concord Music Group/Concord Records

Fran Richard – VP/Director of Concert Music, ASCAP


(Lunch items available outside of FAH 102 at Break)


1:30pm – Intimate Talk: John Clayton (FAH 101)

3:00pm – New Music Reading Session/Workshop (Big Band) featuring The Jazz Surge with  

guest clinicians Bob Brookmeyer, John Clayton, and Dave Douglas (FAH 102)

5:00pm – Poster Session 2/Reception (THR)

8:00pm – Dave Douglas and David Berkman (TAT) 


Saturday, March 11th:


Industry Track

9:00am Brian Camello “ArtistShare and Marketing the Creative Process” (FAH 101)

9:45am Nick Phillips “Arranging Concepts for Vocal Recordings from a Producer’s 

Perspective” (FAH 101)

10:30am Fran Richard “JazzCAP” (FAH 102)

11:15am Alan Bergman “How Do You Make a Living on this Gig? The Legal and Business 

Side of Writing and Playing Jazz” (FAH 102)


Research Presentations

9:00am Michele Caniato “A View from All Sides: Articulation of Form in the Music of Bill 

Holman” (FAH 102)

9:30am Paul Musser “‘Charles Mingus’ Pithecanthropus Erectus: Extending Bebop’s Formal 

and Textural Boundaries” (FAH 102)

10:00am Alisa White “Balancing Invention with Convention: Lee Morgan as a Composer of 

the Blues” (FAH 102)

10:30am Erik Applegate “Castles on New World Landscapes: Architecture in the Music of the 

Pat Methany Group” (FAH 101)

11:00am Leslie M. Sabina “Writing for the young Jazz Band: Balancing Creativity with 

Accessibility” (FAH 101)

11:30am Anita Brown “The Lighthouse: A Composer’s Analysis” (FAH 101)


12:00pm – Guest Artist Panel: Bob Brookmeyer, John Clayton, Dave Douglas, and Erlend 

Skomsvoll (FAH 101)


(Lunch items available outside of FAH 102 at break)


2:00pm – Intimate Talk: Dave Douglas (FAH 101)

3:30pm – New Music Reading Session/Workshop (Small Group) featuring USF Faculty and 

Surge Members with guest clinicians Bob Brookmeyer, John Clayton, and Dave Douglas (FAH 102)


Compositions Selected in Advance via Adjudication

Pascal Le Boeuf “Peace of Mind”

Fred Hess “Journey to Sentosa – Return”

Joan Stiles “Hurley-Burley (J2 Mary Lou)”

Andy Middleton “Ode to Ken Saro-Wiwa”

Tom Van Seters “The Buttonhole Maker”

Jamey Simmons “Fussy”


5:30pm – Intimate Talk: Erlend Skomsvoll (FAH 101)

8:00pm Bob Brookmeyer with The Jazz Surge (TAT) 

Premier of Juried Session Works



CAM – Contemporary Art Museum

FAH 101 – Music Recital Hall

FAH 102 – Rehearsal Room 

THR – USF Theater 2

TAT – USF Theater 1




John Clayton

With USF Jazz Ensemble I

Thursday March 9, 2006. 8pm

University of South Florida Theater I


Program (To Be Selected From):

Blues for Stephanie




Silver Celebration

The Jazz Calling


All compositions composed and arranged by John Clayton, with the exception of Evidence which was composed by Thelonius Monk and arranged by John Clayton. 


Jazz Ensemble I Personnel:

Director – Tom Brantley


Matt Schabowsky

Chris Dyel

Ryan Lupton

Jose Valentino Ruiz

Richard Van Voorst


Ryan Nelson

Ross Hoksbergen

John Schnettler

Matt Mill

Sukhbir Chan



Dave Stamps

Luis Alvarez

David Martin

Chris Lundquist


Rhythm Section:

Mike Edelman (guitar)

David Cubillos (piano)

Jon Shea (bass)

Jon Spindler (drums)

Dan Johnson (perc.)


Dave Douglas and David Berkman

Friday March 10, 2006. 8pm

University of South Florida Theater I

Program To be Announced From Stage


Bob Brookmeyer

With The Jazz Surge

Saturday March 11, 2006. 8pm

University of South Florida Theater I


Program (To Be Selected From):

American Tragedy

Boom Boom




King Porter ‘94

Silver Lining


The Jazz Surge Personnel:



Steve Owen

Tami Danielsson

Jack Wilkins

Rex Wertz

Matt Vance



Chad Shoopman 

Mike Iapichino

Jay Coble

Larry Williams 

Bob Franklin



Keith Oshiro

Tom Brantley

Jerald Shynett

Jim Hall


Rhythm Section:

LaRue Nickelson (guitar)

Per Danielsson (piano)

Mark Neuenschwander (bass)

Obed Calvaire (drums)


New Music Reading Session/Workshop (Big Band)

Friday March 10, 2006. 3pm

FAH 102



Andrew Rathbun. New York, NY.

“Get it!” 

James Miley. Blackburg, VA.

“The Lighthouse” 

Anita Brown. New York, NY.


David Cutler. Pittsburgh, PA.

“Having Built In Deeper Waters” 

Dan Cavanagh. Arlington, TX.

“The New Cure”

 Greg Reunions. Kingston, ON.

“A Firm Grasp of the Obvious”

 Eric Richards. Fremont, NE.


New Music Reading Session/Workshop (Small Group)

Saturday March 11, 2006. 3:30pm

FAH 102


“Peace of Mind” 

Pascal Le Boeuf. New York, NY.

“Journey to Sentosa – Return” 

Fred Hess. Denver, CO.

“Hurley-Burley (J2 Mary Lou)” 

Joan Stiles. New York, NY.

“Ode to Ken Saro-Wiwa” 

Andy Middleton. New York, NY. 

“The Buttonhole Maker” 

Tom Van Seters. Brandon, MB.


Jamey Simmons. Normandy, TN.


Poster Session Presentations

Friday March 10, 2006. 11am and 5pm

11am – Coffee and Donuts/Bagels

5pm – Wine and Cheese Reception



“Cosmic Residue – The Composer’s Analysis” 

John G. Blair II. Kansas City, MO.

“Strange Princess – The Composer’s Analysis” 

Tina Claussen. Springfield, MO.

“A Harmolodic Approach to Improvisation” 

James Dorsey. Berwyn Heights, MO.

“Concorde: Classic Composition for a Classy Jazz Quartet” 

Bruce Dudley. Thompsons Station, TN

“In Pursuit: An Analysis of the Works and Influence of Horace Silver”

Mike Edelman. Tampa, FL.

“Rhythm Section Parts in a Big Band Chart: Make Your Charts Playable by (and attractive to) High School Rhythm Sections and Band Directors”

Kurt Ellenberger. Allendale, MI. 

“New Jazz Conceptions: Bill Evans’ Unique Mark on Blue in Green”

Brian David Hall. Provo, UT.

“Chautauqua – The Composer’s Analysis”

Aaron Moe. Minneapolis, MN. 

“Fidgety Digits: Composing with Eight-note and Nine-note Synthetic Scales”

Ted Pease. Natick, MA.

“Lennie T. – The Composer’s Analysis”

David Renter. Austin, TX.

“Transformation – The Composer’s Analysis”

Christopher Schmitz. Winfield, KS.

“Matranga’s Tonk – The Composer’s Analysis”

Vern Sielert. Auburn, WA.

“Dancing – The Composer’s Analysis”

Omar Thomas. Harrissoburg, VA.