Claire Brantley earned the BA and MA in English Literature before joining Harcourt Brace Publishers as a junior editor of college textbooks; she developed Frank Tirro’s Jazz Appreciation textbook in addition to many others. She was promoted to a position as a book rep with the sales division of Harcourt. She eventually earned the role of Vice President for Sales at Pearson Education, the world’s largest educational publishing company, where she managed a team of 45 sales reps/managers and over $150 million in revenue.

While a Pearson Sales VP, she also served as the Managing Editor for the International Trombone Association Journal, redesigning and redeveloping the quarterly journal with a team of volunteers as staff. She left Pearson in 2013 to return to editorial work at McGraw-Hill Education, where she served as Executive Portfolio Manager for the Social Sciences. In May 2020, she joined the market research firm of Partner in Publishing as Executive Marketing Manager.

Claire has previously served on the board of the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, leading the group’s social media and fund-raising efforts. She is married to trombonist Tom Brantley, and they live in Tampa with their 20-year-old son Carter. Golden retriever Archie and miniature schnauzer Wolfie complete their family.