Founding Consortium Members

Founding Consortium Members

ISJAC has developed a unique approach to membership – one which will not only best help us involve and serve our constituency (almost immediately!) but create crucial, long-lasting partnerships with leading institutions who share our excitement and commitment to our mission.
The main tenets of our plan are:

  1. Provide an individual “membership” plan that is open and free to all. This allows us to reach, involve, and 
excite a much larger body of interested individuals (professionals, students, and amateurs alike) than if we 
had even a “nominal” membership fee.
  2. Create a consortium of member Colleges/Universities that:
    1. a. are eager to see the mission of ISJAC advanced
b. have a vested interest in promoting, assisting, and working directly with ISJAC – primarily via hosting programs in the future, but also by an ongoing association with and input into all aspects of the Society.
  3. Use the power of this combined community of members and consortium members to attract grants, sponsorships, and foundation support.

For more information on becoming a Founding Consortium member school, please contact Brian Coyle <>

Gustavus Adolphus College
Faculty Sponsor: Dave Stamps

Hope College
Faculty Sponsor: Brian Coyle

University of Michigan
Faculty Sponsor: Ellen Rowe

University of Northern Colorado
Faculty Sponsors: David Caffey and Erik Applegate

University of Iowa
Faculty Sponsor: John Rapson

University of South Florida
Faculty Sponsor: Chuck Owen

University of Oregon
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Owen

Jam Music Lab University

University of Texas
Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Hellmer and John Mills